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Tracey Bond *007* Social Business Speaking Personality
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Tracey Bond - Certified Social Media Pro visits ICB Students
Tracey Bond - Certified Social Media Professional visits with ICB students at Chicago Campus on July 23, 2013 to discuss how best to use social media for promotion of career and projects that the stud...
It can be said that pretty much any conversational experience with Tracey Bond (Bond Girl), owner of Bond Girl 007 PenTerprises Social Media Agent-SEE, makes it hard to believe that this Bond Girl grew up fearful, greatly misunderstood and often times rejected by listeners as a result of her innate talent for articulating through speech the thoughts of her motivated mind. 
There were quite a number of wise men and women that applauded Tracey in her demonstrative and passionate expressions, that helped to encourage and embolden her to share and speak up for what she believed in more and more. 

These gifts and talents for her intelligent thought processes while communicating values were first rewarded at her successive opportunities for speaking before the public upon winning her local, neighborhood community & finally City of Chicago's CITYWIDE Spelling BEE. As much as this BondGirl began to grow in her knowledge, she also grew in confidence electing to give speeches in thematic competition opportunities for speaking about subjects she felt mattered addressing before audiences. 
Tracey went on to give campaign speeches which won this Bond Girl election for many of her elementary, high school student councils, and various capacities of student government leadership roles. 

-City of Chicago Colleges Student Recruitment Supervisor
-National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Conference Speaker for Professional Practice in Early Education - Anaheim, CA
-Childbirth Educator for the Columbia Michael Reese Hospital Research & Education Development Fund
-Kishwaukee Community College's Adult Basic Education Departmental Family Literacy Instructor
-Award-Winning Newspaper Education Columnist & Newspaper In Education (NIE) Program Coordinator/Marketer for The Daily Chronicle - A Pulitzer Publishing Company

-Award-Winning Licensed Cosmetologist Rising STAR & 

-A Variety Of Inspirational/Motivational Engagements 
-over 200 spoken word, motivational audio seminars
-Thematic Motivational Seminars By Mass Teleconference 

-REJOICE 102.3 FM Radio Program Host & Personality 
- Weekly Radio Broadcast 
 motivational and inspirational focii...
Public reading/speaking, radio/media interviews, et al. of her self-published humanitarian interest research book  local author speaker opportunities to present at "STARTING THE YEAR OFF RIGHT" library features, 

For your professional social business occasion, this "Bond Girl" knows that any brand of message mission objective is possible to achieve, when the targeted listener is properly motivated, engaged and ready to receive it. 
As you DECIDE your brand of business service requires a oral communication to be notably and quotably said, ALLOW Tracey "Bond Girl" to socially speak into your audience-ear and they too shall be well audio fed. 
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