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Tracey Bond's '007' 
is your 
andGoldFingered Engagement eGun for hire for the specialized social media mission..

"She's Licensed To Social Media Thrill With The Skill of Her eQuill!" 

Certified & Complete Professional Social Media Management & ELITE Community Client Concierge Service...  
Bond Girl "007" PenTerprises is a social media agency team player that will work tirelessly to fulfill your online media marketing mission as partners to the people to achieve their business brand objectives while establishing target market dominion against competitors.

This is pertinent to any brand of social media presence across the social web domains to reach objectives in all market segments, nichely neat & socially sweet.

Partnering with Bond Girl "007" PenTerprises Social Media AgentSEE is to elect the best in standards for excellent social media management services, and integrating management productivity tools supported by credentialed professional training needed to keep your business brand's social media flowing in today's digital current.


Complete Social Presence Management: Profile & Network Setup *
Social Buzz Campaigns
Social Business & Visibility Strategy & Deployment
Network & Full Spectrum Market Monitoring, Brand Online Presence Moderation - Response Management; 
Social Media V.I.P.P.* Business to Business/Consumer E.L.I.T.E * Client Concierge Administration
Compelling & Relevant Content Marketing as a 
Competition Analysis
Social Business Research
Executive counsel and insight balanced with a humane engagement touch
Sharp for engaging, developing and executing purpose-driven outcomes for the social business audience culture and their conversations 
Strategic industry networking coordinating a synergistic dynamic of communication online to offline
E-commerce branding for product development and variable ROI goals. 
Complete Social Network System Of Integration Establishment *

Eurhythmic Social Media Mix Of Service Specialties 

HootSuite COMPLETE Social Media Network Integration Establishment *
Certified Social Media Management Professional PLUS (+) Services as diffrentiated below in part or by social media management menu selection...
Social Media Branding & Coach-Consultant
Social Media Management,Strategist & Deployment 
Social Media Personality/Multi-Network Founder
Social Media Brand Marketing
Social Media & Search Optimization
Social Media Script Writing & Journalism
Social Media Special Events Planning 
Social Media Management for 
B2B/B2C Relations
Branded Blog Publishing
via Wordpress, Blogger, et. al productivity applications
Industry & Brand Concept Research & Development  
Author, Writer and Publisher - Multidisciplinar
Motivational Speaker, Social Personality and Radio Program Host