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"Tracey Bond is a Social 
Media Maven"
William Natale, Executive Director of the 
Illinois Center For Broadcasting 
Chicago Campus 

News Release Aug. 7, 2013 - CHICAGO -- Who and What: Tracey Bond has accepted & confirmed the invitation today to SPEAK and answer Q & A’s by the formal request of’s William Natale, Regional Exec. Dir.  Public Affairs/Outreach to inform  students about Social Media: “(My) Social Media Professional SwaggER” & the importance of using social media with practical ready to ‘engage’ tips. Mr. Natale purposes today’s talk toward the encouragement of current students to take advantage of internship opportunities and be resourceful when it comes to making the most of media opportunities.  

You can believe this A-Lister JD Gershbein's recommendation, JD GERSHBEIN, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LINKEDIN ♦ SOCIAL BRANDING for LinkedIn Profiles ♦ CONSULTANT & SPEAKER on LinkedIn Best Practices

"I was first introduced to Tracey Bond in October 2012 and have been working with her in an advisory capacity with Linked N Chicago (LiNC), the largest regionally-based LinkedIn group. Our collaboration has been extremely beneficial for me as I get to exchange ideas with one of the more insightful social media minds around."

Believe the recommendation of another Chicago Business A-List VIP, Mary McFarlin, CEO & Founder of Linked 'N Chicago (LiNC) happens to be THE LARGEST PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL BUSINESS NETWORKED ON in its GROUP & class of Top CEO's & C-Level Executives while enjoying professional acclaim & business networking fame as Chicago's #1 Professional Social Business VIP Networking Community BRAND serving the online to offline event activities that today serve over 100k members of Chicago's PROFESSIONAL Best:
"Tracey has been an amazing asset to Linked N Chicago. The amount of work we do to produce the results we get takes an amazing amount of work and requires strategical focus on the communities needs as well as attention to our core values. These core values are what make Linked N Chicago the #1 Social Business Community. I trust Tracey - and she has never let me down. She has been a gift. I recommend her and appreciate her tremendously." - Mary McFarlin

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Illinois Center For Broadcasting
- Chicago campus; Mary McFarlin CEO | Linc Chicago and other V.I.P.P and  E.L.I.T.E business brands as Joshua Banks |
Melody Boykin's  
Black Fashion America
, Sandra Smith-Doghmi's | 
Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago 

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