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Tracey Bond, Certified Social Media Pro at  Professional Recommendations & Social Media Mentions

Recommendable Social Media Mentions... 

William Natale, Executive Director at The Illinois Center for Broadcasting, Chicago Campus
"Tracey Bond came to the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, Chicago Campus to discuss social media students studying broadcast media arts that includes in the curriculum social media skills. 

Tracey was a phenomenal guest speaker who truly helped our students garner a grasp of what a social media professional must do on behalf of clients. Tracey was willing to mentor students interested in pursuing an internship and possible a career path as a social media professional. 

Tracey discussed at length the intricacies of how best to conduct a social media campaign and it's clear that she is truly a maven when it comes to that subject."

Chris Ramirez, CEO Quiet Giant Productions 
"Not only is Tracey outgoing but she's well prepared and a great listener. When it comes to PR, she listens and understands what you want to do and she follows through with your vision. Doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, she does her best to get your name and company out to the public eye."

Sandra Smith-DoghmiOwner, Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago
"Tracey Bond is a high energy personality with an extremely creative mind. She accompanied our associates to Hollywood to cover events for the Oscars and receptions and did an outstanding job of reporting and taking pictures. When we would return in the early morning of covering parties, you could find her at her computer pulling her day together for our readers. One could say "she is spot on!"

Mary McFarlin, MPM CLSSYB, Founder Linked ‘N Chicago (96,000 + members) ♦ Project Management Strategist ♦ Business Matchmaker ♦ Chicago Events

"Tracey has been an amazing asset to Linked N Chicago. The amount of work we do to produce the results we get takes an amazing amount of work and requires strategical focus on the communities needs as well as attention to our core values. These core values are what make Linked N Chicago the #1 Social Business Community. I trust Tracey - and she has never let me down. She has been a gift. I recommend her and appreciate her tremendously."

JD GERSHBEIN, LINKEDIN FOR THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ♦ SPEAKER on LinkedIn Best Practices & Personal Branding ♦ LinkedIn Profile Architect

"I was first introduced to Tracey Bond in October 2012 and have been working with her in an advisory capacity with Linked N Chicago (LiNC), the largest regionally-based LinkedIn group. Our collaboration has been extremely beneficial for me as I get to exchange ideas with one of the more insightful social media minds around. 

Tracey is a contributor of value, a natural community builder and a genuine presence. In her, I see a marvelous ambassador for LiNC, and someone who through her participation in discussions and at events, becomes a model of excellence. She understands the work involved in energizing the group’s brand and handles it with grace and dignity. 

I think of LiNC as more than just a LinkedIn group, but as a family. I offer my full support to Tracey as she helps move LiNC forward and recommend her wholeheartedly as an enlightened, inspired and proactive social media professional."

PHILLIP FERENZI, Corporate Finance & Accounting
"Tracey has been an instrumental part of the Linked N Chicago group in terms of organizing and promoting quality networking events for a group of working professionals with over 79,000 members in the group. Tracey also has high quality skin and hair products and services that she offers to the public. I would recommend Tracey's products and services to anybody!!"

Sabrina Fruehauf, Linked N Chicago 
“A big Kudos to Tracey Bond Girl for (once again) excelling at showcasing her social media skills - great job on the facebook site. It is inviting and evokes engagement. You are a true social media 007, Tracey!”

Kai EL Zabar, President/Exec Editor at M2N Publishing, The Chicago Defender 

"Tracey Bond comes to the table with a tremendous resource of information and knowledge capable of enlightening all those who enter her sphere. She is attractive, personable and charming as she imparts valuable information that can contribute and make a difference in your life."

Melanie Coffee, Freelance Writer/Editor
"Tracey is very passionate about her work and wants to ensure her clients are happy with their results. She has a fantastic product line that is hard to beat, it's a shame more people don't know about it because I think it, especially the butter, could easily be a nationwide success."

Michelle Johnson, Corporate Public Affairs at SC Johnson
"I have known Tracey since we were in high school together. I have watched her blossom into a well-respected and highly regarded cosmetology professional and consultant. She is committed and passionate about her endeavours. We've collaborated on a number of projects and she is not only dedicated but she is a person of great integrity. She is smart, savvy and an asset to have on your team."

Deremiah *CPE, "How to avoid seven deadly customer attraction mistakes"
"If you don't know Tracey Bond I want to let you know that you are missing out on one of the BEST Experiences of your life. I've been Fortunate (note Capital "F") to know Tracey for nearly a year. She's not only "Social Media Certified" but she can Back-Up everything she says she can do with written facts and analytics. 

In today's market place you really have to get to know the people you're doing business with. Why take a chance on bumping into a few people who'll take your money and then won't do what they said they will do. 

Tracey Bond approaches it much Differently and more Brilliantly than anyone I know. She's a consummate Professional, with a great reputation, and recommendations from All of her satisfied clients. 

She'll satisfy your *WIIFM (What's In It For Me) and she'll also give you her Classic *MMFI (Make Me Feel Important) of give you your money back because you're just that Important to her. So why waste your time and money when you can have your money making time. Tracy is a Customer Passion Evangelist that will Evangelize Your Customers With PASSION. 

Please send me an email at if you want to know more about her (or if for any reason you're not satisfied I'll call her personally myself, on your behalf to see if she's meeting with the President of the United States again.) 

Lovingly Deremiah *CPE

Valante Grant, Radio Personality, Writer, Graphic Designer
"Tracey Bond is an experienced and effective social media professional. Her work is precise and gets results. She is passionate about her work and goes the extra mile to provide quality deliverables with exceptional customer service."

LaWuandia W, Owner/CEO/Vocalist - AgapeVibes Entertainment
"I found Tracey to be High Energy and Enthusiastic about her service. She is passionate about providing quailty products of the safest and organic substance. In additon, Tracey reaches out to hello other realize their true and most higest potential"- Great Service 
Kind Regards 
La Wuandia

Maurice Florence, Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer
"I had the pleasure of working alongside with Tracey at several of her Natural Hair Night Out Chicago Live events. At her events I was able to network with some of Chicago's top business professionals. Tracey ran each and every event with confidence and composure! I look forward to working aside Tracey as her personal massage therapist at her next event."